We have been experts in climate protection since 2007: Today, companies of all sizes in all business sectors in Germany and abroad are among our clients.

Our greenmiles team is experienced and highly professional. We know that voluntary measures, above and beyond important governmental courses of action, are needed to mitigate climate change – especially when CO₂ emissions can’t be completely avoided.

We provide companies professional support in calculating their CO₂ emissions, and do consulting on all issues about climate neutrality. We guarantee uncomplicated TÜV-certified emissions offsetting at fair prices. We are committed to always looking for the best of standards in compensation projects. Gold Standard guarantees that such projects have added positive ecological and social impact.



greenmiles partners are founder Dr Sven Bode, Hamburg Institut Consulting (HIC), and Robert Werner.

Since 2000, Dr Sven Bode has worked on climate policy and the mitigation of climate change. He has been involved in projects for the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (Hamburgisches Welt Wirtschafts Archiv - HWWA) and other high-profile institutions, among them the German development agency (GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), the EU Commission, and the Secretariat of the Working Group on Emissions Trading to Combat the Greenhouse Effect (AGE) in Germany’s Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB). Sven Bode’s doctoral thesis was titled “On the design of the international climate regime”. As co-founder and head of research at the arrhenius Institut, he published many papers in national and international journals.

The Hamburg Institut is a consultancy which provides strategic advisory services for the energy transition. It has worked for some time on climate protection strategies and in applied research on mitigating climate change. A major focus is on the environmental impact of corporate activities. greenmiles and the Hamburg Institut have a long-standing and close partnership that makes excellent use of cooperative interaction and shares expertise.

Robert Werner is one of the founding partner and managing director of Hamburg Institut Consulting. He has been a top manager in the energy sector for many years and involved in the certification of high-quality green power products for most of his career. Meanwhile, he is also a successful advisor for companies on how to bring down their emissions.

Please contact Juliane Mundt if you have any questions about carbon strategies and emissions offsetting.

Juliane Mundt has an advanced degree in regional science of Latin America and studied sustainability management. Her international activities in project development/coordination and in the validation and verification of clean development mechanism (CDM) projects for the GIZ development agency and Germanischer Lloyd have provided her with extensive knowledge of and experience with emissions offsetting measures. Contact: juliane.mundt@greenmiles.de