Funded projects

Here you will find information on projects to mitigate climate change that you can fund through offsetting with greenmiles. All of these projects are registered at the United Nations as CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects. Some of them also meet the specifications of the Gold Standard.

Do you have any special requests for your project? Please don’t hesitate to ask us!

Clean Water


Wind power


Solar heating


We give preference to Gold Standard projects.

The Gold Standard guarantees that a project will also contribute to sustainable development in the project country. It attaches particular importance to added ecological and social effects and to transparency in project management.

TÜV NORD verifies that emissions have been offset.

The TÜV NORD technical inspection agency audits the greenmiles programme each year to ensure that it has fully offset the amount of CO₂ emissions calculated for its clients through the funding of high-quality emissions reduction projects.