Purchasing or redeeming vouchers

Order your greenmiles vouchers here.

Simply select the amount of greenmiles you would like to give away to customers or participants at your event. A small gift of 1000 greenmiles is already enough to reduce CO₂ emissions by 1000 kilos.

Client information:

Please calculate 3 plus 1.

Do you have a Greenmiles voucher you’d like to redeem?

This will activate your voucher in our system, enabling the Greenmiles programme to buy and invalidate CO₂ certificates equivalent to your voucher.

We will then promptly send you a certificate to verify this action.

Client information:

What is the sum of 4 and 2?

You tell us how much CO₂ you wish to offset, or we calculate the amount for you based on your data. You select a certified project.

Your compensation payment goes toward one of our certified climate protection projects. You receive the greenmiles certificate.

Why does compensation make sense?

By offsetting unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions you promote climate protection projects
with positive additional ecological and social effects.